Does Your Company's Health Need a Checkup?

As leaders we hold the tiller, confident in our vision, eager to make decisions.

You may be the quintessential entrepreneur who has grown several  businesses.

But this time, things are not going the way you envisioned. 

The creativity required to keep the momentum going, keeps getting stifled in the daily management of the business.

You've become a leader who says...    “I can do it best”

And sadly, your best staff seems to come and go...

I'm Steve Sheils, and I work with companies facing these issues.

It's time to...

Honor  the "Authentic Vision" that brought your company to this point.

Update your business plan and re-assess market opportunity.

Don't deviate  from the business metrics you have come to trust.

Has your company reached the "Prime Position"?

..... a balance should exist between control and flexibility.